Friday, November 1, 2013

Girl Scout Day at Dinosaur Ridge ~

Girl Scout Day at Dinosaur Ridge was on Saturday, October 12th and it was a blast!  None of us had ever been there before, so we were all curious to see what it was like.  They had over a dozen booths set up for the girls to explore, several of which helped them to earn steps towards patches, and some of them were just plain fun. 
We were greeted at the entrance by Mr. Bones, and we all laughed and took several pictures with him.  Here he is about to eat Nicole and Jordyn :)
The girls got to paint fossils, look for meteorite fragments with magnets, pan for gold and other gems, dig for fossils, dress up in old time clothes, check out cool things under a microscope, bird watch, and even pet giant cockroaches.

Then we took the shuttle up the hill to see the dinosaur prints and fossils in the rocks of Dinosaur Ridge!

Did you know the very first Stegosaurus fossil ever found, was found right here at Dinosaur Ridge?  In fact, the National Fossil of Colorado is the Stegosaurus  :)   Here the kids are checking the rocks for radiation...the radiation count goes way up where the dinosaur's fossil is...very cool indeed!

It was a great day filled with all kinds of cool dinosaur facts and fun!

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